Zucchini Lasagna Roll-Ups Put the Summer Squash to Work

By Gretchen McKay
From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Zucchini is among the most prolific of summer vegetables, in large part because it’s so easy for even beginner gardeners to grow. It’s especially popular here in Pittsburgh, where thin, fried ribbons of the thin-skinned squash served with a side of marinara sauce made its tasty debut in the 1950s, and is now considered a classic appetizer in red sauce Italian restaurants.
But what if you’re looking for something that tastes a little more seasonal?
This vegetarian lasagna exemplifies summer by pairing super-thin slices of zucchini with a super-simple tomato sauce and lots of creamy ricotta. Only instead of layering the “noodles” in a stack, they’re rolled up, egg roll-style. The result is a low-carb, no-cal dish that’s both colorful and healthful….

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