Xi’s 2022 First Military Order Aimed at Preventing Political Enemies, Expert Says

On Jan. 4, Xi Jinping, head of China’s Military Commission, signed the commission’s first order of 2022, announcing the start of annual training for the entire army and stressing the importance of military training in a bid to ensure the smooth running of the Twentieth Congress. In the brief military order, Xi asked the army to keep an eye on “the changes in national security and military struggle,” and “the changes in technology, warfare, and opponents.” Xi didn’t indicate who those opponents are. Xi’s current concern seems to be over the ruling party’s infighting, with his guns inward-facing to protect the party’s Twentieth Congress, preparing for a civil war or defending against political enemies, according to Chen Pokong, a U.S.-based current affairs commentator. In previous years, Xi had been focused on military threats from foreign countries and warfare preparation, with numerous paragraphs describing how to prepare for war. This year, …

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