‘Xiconomics’ Is a Myth, but It Allows Xi Jinping to Further Consolidate Power

Analysis During China’s Cultural Revolution, it was mandatory for citizens to not only read the “Little Red Book” of Mao Zedong, but to carry it with them at all times. Similarly, “Xi Jinping Thought” on socialism with Chinese characteristics is now mandatory for all elementary and secondary school students. “Xi Thought” is also taught at learning centers across the country. Xi is the first leader who’s had his thought enshrined in the state constitution since Mao. A diplomacy research center for “Xi Thought” opened last year. In June, a research center on Xi’s thought on rule of law was founded. And now, another research center on  Xi’s economic thought has been approved and will be established in Beijing. The CCP claims that a new branch of economics has been created in China, based on Xi’s economic theories, or “Xiconomics.” The center will help to develop economic policies, in line with Xi’s 30-year …

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