‘Wrong’ Criminals Ruin Liberal Media Narrative

Commentary It looked like red meat for liberal, Woke media. On March 29, a 65-year-old woman of Filipino descent was punched and kicked in New York City in broad daylight by an attacker who allegedly made anti-Asian statements. The attack, two weeks after spa shootings in Atlanta, Georgia, that killed eight including six women of Asian descent, looked like it would add fuel to news coverage of an increase in anti-Asian violence. But it was not the perfect crime story. Unlike the white, presumed racist arrested in the spa shootings (though he and police denied a racial motive), the New York attack suspect was not an alleged white supremacist methodically acting out hate crimes. Instead, police arrested Brandon Elliot, 38, a parolee of color convicted of previously killing his mother. Certainly a suspect like Elliot—disturbed enough to commit matricide and not white—could not be a poster child for anti-Asian hate. Alleged Asian hatred was clearly not his only issue, …

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