Writer Shi Shan Shares a Place Called Home After Trekking Around the World for Almost 20 Years

If you meet Shi Shan for the first time, you will not have guessed he is from mainland China, as he doesn’t carry himself so.
Curiously, I asked him once where he was from, and where his home was. Shi was a bit stunned, but his response probably resonates with more people than he realized. “Where am I from? I have been trying to figure that out myself. I was born in Guangzhou, then shortly after I moved to Beijing before ending up in Hong Kong.” He did not stop there. He continued moving around to different areas in China, such as Sizhuan and Tibet. After his Asian adventure, his ship set off again but this time to the UK and America. “When you ask me where I am from. I really don’t know the answer.”…

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