Woman With Just 1 Fallopian Tube, 1 Ovary Delivers 1-Pound Miracle Baby, Survives Near-Fatal Birth

A Nashville woman, who had one ovary and one fallopian tube removed a number of years ago, fell pregnant and gave birth. Despite an emergency, premature delivery and nearly dying, herself, she survived to share her story, offering hope to others. Chatiqua Miller and her husband Jesse dreamed of having children together—and in the spring of 2019 were shocked when they realized it was really happening. Two lines “as plain as day” confirmed the pregnancy test. “My heart felt as if it would beat out of my chest and I ran into the bedroom to share with [Jesse] about the good news,” she said, sharing with Love What Matters. The pregnancy started off normal; she even continued working in her role as dean of students at a local middle school—until the stress became too much to bear. “I began to have headaches and difficulty breathing,” Chatiqua recalled. She was placed on complete bed …

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