Woman Shares Her Love With Sweetest, Caring Fiancé Who Has Cerebral Palsy and Hearing Impairment

A woman who fell in love with a man with hearing impairment and cerebral palsy shares their journey, from falling in love to planning their wedding, navigating the world as an interabled couple as they go. Elyse Rucker of Arkansas and her fiancé, Jason Flynn, did not just fall in love despite their differences, but rather because of what makes each of them a unique individual, deserving of happiness. “Being in an interabled relationship is not weird or atypical, we just don’t talk about it enough,” Elyse told The Epoch Times. “We strive to break the stigma around disability and dating … our relationship might look different from the outside, but it’s just two imperfect people learning how to love each other and tackle this funny thing we call life.” Jason was born healthy, but developed hearing impairment and cerebral palsy (CP) owing to complications. When he was an adult, his …

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