Wichita State Cancels Ivanka Trump as Commencement Speaker After Social Justice Warriors Protest Her Appearance

After student protests erupted from her look on campus wichita State University in Kansas cancelled Ivanka Trump because commencement speaker this past year.
What a disgrace.
This is only a part of their growing aisle on the left in America today.
Before going to work together with her dad in his administration, ivanka Trump was a small business owner.
Her speech was released by ivanka .

Deadline reported:

Ivanka Trump has posted a video via Twitter. She decried the”offset civilization” which resulted in her invitation being rescinded.
“Our country’s campuses should be bastions of free speech. Cancel civilization and viewpoint discrimination have been antithetical to academia,” she wrote. “Listening to one another is very essential now more than ever before “
President Donald Trump’s White House adviser and daughter provided a video edition of her opinions that were intended.
“I know that all of these talented graduates will dream large and hope to create the planet a better place!” She explained.
Student protests within her appearance resulted in the university dropping her. Pupils mentioned President Trump’s response to the passing of George Floyd for a motive a week at Minneapolis.

It is said by matt Gaetz .

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