Why Your Muscles Deteriorate With Age

Healthy muscles enable you to move throughout life and support the rest of your body. Without functioning muscles, your body would have trouble stabilizing itself and would be more prone to slipping and falling.
Muscles also help to keep your joints in good shape, allowing you to enjoy playing sports, dancing, walking your dog, and the everyday tasks of making the bed, cooking, and carrying groceries. Whatever we do, physical strength plays a vital role in our daily life. By understanding why our muscles age over time, we can find solutions for slowing our biological aging.
The involuntary loss of muscle strength, mass, and function as we age is termed sarcopenia. Its cause has not yet been understood by modern medicine as it is a multifactorial problem. Scientists are still researching it, but several mechanisms have been proposed, which include a reduction in endocrine function, inactivity, and inadequate nutrition….

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