White House Correspondents Association Gives CNN Special Award For Filming Pre-Dawn FBI Raid of Roger Stone

The White House Correspondents’ Association declared winners of the 2020 journalism awards.
For filming the pre-dawn FBI raid of Roger Stone CNN was granted.
The winners comprise’journalists’ out of ProPublica, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times and also PBS, the WHCA wrote:

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From the judges:
The reporting on the Roger Stone arrest of CNN began using a hint about a courtroom scheduling ministry. Came grand jury activity. Then an odd, packed bag wheeled in particular counselor by a few of the prosecutors Robert Mueller’s evaluation of Stone. It was early in the afternoon of Jan. 25, 2019, in which a CNN producer and also a photojournalist, staked outside of Stone’s home in Ft. Lauderdale, seized the 5 Gamble, no-knock stunt by the FBI of the prior confidant of President Donald Trump.
CNN’s audiences watched the raid unfold instantly, the item of a group or reporters, producers and photojournalists connecting the dots, monitoring the analysis over months and scooping the remaining part of the media corps. They scooped Stone attorneys, who just discovered when a comment was called for by CNN.  Besides this video, the group produced a bundle that explained the charges against Stone.  On deadline.

The Mueller inquisition was debunked but the WHCA has been currently handing out awards.
CNN was tipped off by somebody on Mueller’s group (Weissmann?) Or Comey’s FBI.
CNN’s camera crew arrived at Stone’s residence a whole hour before the raid as well as CNN’s Sara Murray supplied a draft copy of the indictment in an early afternoon communique to Stone’s lawyer to verify that the FBI raid and arrest.
CNN was the only camera crew on the scene of the FBI raid on the home of Roger Stone.
Documents obtained solely by The Gateway Pundit reveal a copy of the draft indictment with no PACER filing number or official stamps of this courtroom, together using metadata on the document identifying it as being authored with”AAW”, who is suspected to be direct Specific Counsel prosecutor Andrew Weissmann.

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