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White House: Biden Vetoed Effort to Block District of Columbia Police Reform Law

A controversial District of Colombia police bill will become law after President Joe Biden vetoed a congressional effort to block the measure on May 25, according to the White House.
In a White House press briefing, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed to reporters that on the morning of May 25, Biden vetoed the measure. She made reference to the death of George Floyd exactly three years ago, which sparked months of riots, protests, and arson incidents across major U.S. cities.
“This morning, the president also vetoed a congressional Republican-led disapproval resolution that would have nullified crucial police reforms, many enacted in the District of Columbia on an emergency basis in 2020, after George Floyd’s murder,” Jean-Pierre said. “[These include] banning chokeholds, setting important restrictions on use of force and deadly force, improving access to body-worn camera recordings, and requiring officer training on deescalation and use of force.”…

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