What’s In That Wine Bottle On Your Kitchen Counter?

(Note: Thanks for your support for American companies like the one under and for Gateway Pundit. We love you!) Do you know what might be in that wine bottle sitting on your kitchen counter?
…attempt”oak” flavoring

…TONs of sugar (added because mass-market winemakers frequently pick their grapes before they grow then cleverly conceal it using acids)…

… and that is not counting all the compounds left over from vineyards that seem like oil refineries than the excellent Chateau of older… (as an instance, a study in California found herbicide at each and every bottle tested!)
But better wines don’t exist…
…and they don’t cost a arm and a leg either…
…like the wine this explorer lately came across (Gateway Pundit directly gains from orders through this link along with the hyperlinks below):
… generated from handpicked grapes fed using organic snowmelt water that trickles down from hill peaks 10,000 ft high…

Near-black, an opaque, red wine
…from older vines brought from France over 100 decades ago (vines that don’t exist in Europe anymore!)
… no dyes
… no filter
… a shade so deep and dark that which they call it”wine”

The Essential”Work-Around” to Getting Rare Foreign Wine With no Inflated Prices
Roughly $ 20 really goes to covering the winemaking itself if you purchase a bottle of wine for $100.
The remainder? Marketing costs, guys, and taxes.
But an American entrepreneur came up with a way to bypass this system:
He also formed a”personal wine partnership” to import wine straight in these high-altitude wineries…no middle guys… no inflated prices!
If you’re thinking about checking out their stock, you can do this by following this link.

As a new member you will qualify to FREE shipping (which ai not cheap!) .
But acceptable noticethey anticipate spots to fill up very fast (last timethey filled 500 spots in a day or so) so if you’re interested, don’t wait to find out more!
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Thank you for your support!

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