What Do You Use to Cover Up Your Pain? (10/20/13 Archive)

Our first love is our first hate: Parents. What do you use to cover up your pain, the ego “not you”? Satan lies, the voice in your head. // NEW: Become a BOND Channel Supporter on YouTube (join our live chat!)

00:00 Sun, Oct 20, 2013
01:00 All the same problem; Life is perfect
05:44 Our first love is our first hate: Parents (Story)
15:48 Kids expect parents to be perfect
17:38 Imperfect parents; Wrong conditioning
20:32 Bad examples of Christianity
26:50 How do you know you’re covering up pain?
29:32 Renew mind; Satan’s iPhone; Can’t solve problems
34:03 Father letting spoiled, manipulative son go
36:28 Seeing people suffer is not your business
40:10 What is the “pain” you’re covering?
42:55 What are you using to cover the ego?
49:19 People use counseling for ego pain
53:33 Satan is a liar: Voice lies in your head
59:17 Closing: God and freedom, here and now

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