WHAT A JOKE: After Antifa and Black Lives Matter RIOT AND LOOT Across America — FBI Sends Out Memo Warning White Supremacists Pose Greatest Risk of Violence

Somehow the FBI missed last week — they should have slept throughout Antifa riots and the Black Lives Matter.
Countless stores were looted and destroyed from Chicago, Minneapolis and New York City.
St. Louis seemed like a war zone.
Despite the mass looting and violence by the abandoned the FBI of Chris Wray sent out a memo warning supremacists pose the greatest threat of violence.

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White supremacists and domestic terrorists pose the greatest threat of violence from the United States amid nationwide protests throughout the nation, according to a new intelligence bulletin.
The bulletin — which reported by ABC News and was delivered to local law enforcement by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center — warns of dangers by left-wing and anarchist groups.
However, Antifa is hardly mentioned by it as a potential type — though national lawmakers have called for its loosely connected motion to be labeled a horror band amid nationwide protests against police brutality.
“We assess the greatest danger of deadly violence continues to emanate from lone offenders with racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist ideologies and [national violent extremists] with customized ideologies,” the bulletin states, according to ABC News.

It’s time to disband the FBI.
It’s turned into a joke.

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