Were the Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods Hacks Acts of War?

Commentary It’s nationwide knowledge that in early May the Colonial Pipeline company suffered a severe cyberattack that shut down its pipeline connecting Texas to the East Coast. On June 1, JBS Foods suffered another crippling cyberattack. According to industry estimates, JBS controls 20 percent of the slaughtering capacity for American cattle and hogs. The JBS attack also generated headlines. The FBI and security officials believe two criminal organizations conducted the attacks. Their names sound a bit like those of the sinister super gangs found in James Bond novels. However, these gangs aren’t fiction nor are their crimes. A crime group called DarkSide shut down Colonial’s southeastern U.S. pipeline. To remove its “ransomware” malware and restore service, DarkSide demanded Colonial pay a ransom. Colonial complied. The FBI attributes the JBS attack to REvil, a cyber mob linked to Russia. The good news is the Department of Justice has recovered $2.3 million …

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