WAYNE ROOT Mr President, It’s Time to Investigate George Soros for Funding Domestic Terrorism

From Wayne Allyn Root

Mr. President, you’ve taken step 1: Declaring Antifa a national terrorist organization. That was a brilliant move. Now it’s time for step two: Cut the head. We have got to move to cut off the funds of terrorism.
People who provide funding are terrorists themselves. Who’s providing the funding? There are a number of suspects. Suspect number one is globalist billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. It starts there.
Is Soros guilty? That is far above my pay grade. That is the reason why we need a global investigation. And indictments and also a trial.

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I’m sure there are other millionaire and billionaire socialists and globalists involved. It is time to create them sweat. It is time. If found guilty, it’s time to freeze their assets and seek them down.
My fellow Americans, we’re in war. We have to face it go. The wicked globalist and elites are out to draw down and destroy America.
Their arm is that the Democrat Party.
Their propaganda arm is both societal websites and mainstream press.
Their funding arm is Hollywood and Silicon Valley billionaire elites.
Their arm consists of millions of public school teachers and college professors.
And, like we are seeing the streets of US cities, their arm is Antifa.
There’s no need to question what is happening. You can view it with your own eyes. This rioting, burning looting and strikes police, is obviously coordinated by allies from the Democrat Party: Socialists, Marxists, communists, globalists, radical intense borders madmen. They are the world’s most wicked people, who hate everything that the USA stands for. And they’re carrying out a plan of terrorism.
I discovered this program at Columbia U along with my classmate Barack Obama. It was known as”Cloward-Piven” (named after a husband/wife group of Columbia academics ). Thought within this program. All of them whined about being socialists and communists. They hated America, hated capitalism, hated business owners, and perhaps most of all, they hated folks.
Psychologist Sigmund Freud would have a field day with these mentally-ill, intellectual, self-hating liberals. Since they were the things they hated. My classmates were rich, business owners’ kids.
And my classmates replicated over and over again, they wanted to conquer the U.S. economic system, bankrupt the wealthy, shut each of the companies, and burn down it.
Look around. It is happening. First with closing and the lockdown of the US market because of media over-exaggeration, hysteria and hype about the Covid-19 pandemic.
And if that didn’t finish the job, they proceeded to Plan B: torching, unrest, looting, Riots, attack, and murder to finish the task.
There’s no need. It is all happening before our eyes. We’re in war.
It is no accident that Mayors and Democrat Governors are the ones.
It is no accident that Antifa thugs are currently showing up with bricks and Molotov cocktails to direct riots and burn cities on the very week several companies were set to reopen.
This is no . This organized, has been planned, coordinated and financed by our enemies. Thugs are being bussed and flown to direct riots. Their weapons are delivered to protest sites in advance.
And where did the thugs and hooligans come out of? The liberal DA’s and liberal sheriffs (put in place oftentimes from the funding of George Soros and many the others like him) allow the felons from prison.
A person is paying for all of this. It is time to take aggressive action to establish who it is.
Here is a strategy Mr. President to block the unrest and end the emergency.
1. Cut the head. Like the battle against Islamic terrorism, follow the money. Order a global investigation by the DOJ/FBI/CIA into the funding of terrorism. Suspect number one has to be his Open Society Foundation and George Soros. However there are a lot globalists and socialists. I would look into the Clinton Foundation too.
2. Tripling prison sentences because of any felony or sign an Executive Order doubling committed during riots or unrest. All these are”hate crimes. ” These crimes deserve special harsh punishment under the umbrella of”domestic terrorism.”
3. Bring in the National Guard when conditions warrant, with or without the acceptance of Democrat Governors. There has been A brave young police officer shot in the head through a Black Lives Matter protest here in Las Vegas on Monday night.
He is in grave illness, on life support. In case National Guard had been on the streets during the night, he could very well be home wholesome, along with his family. We can not afford to wait to act.
4. Do not stop with the investigation of George Soros and other prospective funders of terrorism. Investigate Democrat Governors and members of Congress using ties to Antifa. They do the bidding of domestic terrorists and enemies of our nation.
5. Intercept those piles of bricks left by Antifa across the USA, load them drive them into the Mexican boundary, and utilize those bricks to build our walls.
It is time to take aggressive action. And it’s time to pick on a side. You are either for”Making America Great Again”…or else you are against it. You are an enemy of America, if you’re against it.
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