WAYNE ROOT Mr President Its Time to Investigate George Soros for Funding Domestic Terrorism

By Wayne Allyn Root

Mr. President, you’ve taken step one: Declaring Antifa a domestic terrorist organization. This was a fantastic move. Now it’s time for step number two: Cut the head. We have got to move to cut off the financing of domestic terrorism.
Are terrorists themselves. Who’s providing the financing? There are many suspects. It starts there.
That’s far above my pay grade. That’s why we need a global evaluation. And indictments along with a trial.

TRENDING: Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti Will Cut $150 Million Reinvest Money, From LAPD Budget in Black Communities

I’m sure there are many other millionaire and billionaire socialists and involved. It’s time to make them sweat. It’s time to make them run for their lives. If found guilty, it’s time to freeze their resources and hunt them down.
My fellow Americans, we are at war. We must confront it head on.
Their arm would be the Democrat Party.
Their propaganda arm is social media and mainstream press.

Their brainwashing arm is composed of millions of Marxist school teachers and college professors.
And, like we are seeing the streets of US cities, their arm is Antifa.
There’s no need to question what is happening. You may see it. This nationwide rioting, looting, burning and strikes police, is clearly coordinated by allies of the Democrat Party: Socialists, Marxists, communists, globalists, radical extreme boundaries that were open madmen. They’re the world’s most wicked men and women, who hate for. And they are carrying out a detailed plan of domestic terrorism.
I learned this plan at Columbia U. It was known as”Cloward-Piven” (named after a husband/wife team of Columbia professors). The wealthy elitist kids I met at Columbia believed within this strategy. They all whined about becoming socialists and communists. They hated America, despised company owners, hated capitalism, and perhaps most importantly , they hated white people.
They hated because they were the things. My classmates were wealthy, wealthy business owners’ kids.
And my classmates repeated over and over again, they wanted to overwhelm the U.S. economic system, bankrupt the wealthy, close each of the companies, and burn it all down.
Look around. It’s happening. First with all the lockdown and closure of the US market because of media hype, hysteria and over-exaggeration concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.

There’s no need to debate. It’s all happening in front of our eyes. We are at war.
It’s no accident that Democrat Governors and Mayors would be the ones fighting the hardest to maintain the market closed.
It’s no accident that Antifa thugs are showing up with bricks and Molotov cocktails to direct riots and burn cities on the week several companies were set to reopen.
This is no amateur . This was planned, organized, coordinated and funded by our enemies. Thugs flown and are being bussed to direct riots. Their weapons have been delivered to protest sites beforehand.
And where did the thugs and hooligans come out of? The liberal DA’s and liberal sheriffs (put in place oftentimes by the financing of George Soros and many others like him) allow the felons out of prison.
A person is paying for all of this. It’s time to take aggressive actions to prove that it is.
Here’s a strategy Mr. President to halt the unrest and end the crisis.
1. Cut the head. The same as the battle against Islamic terrorism, follow the money. Order a investigation by the DOJ/FBI/CIA into the financing of domestic terrorism. Number one has to be his Open Society Foundation and George Soros. But there are socialists and several globalists. I would look into the Clinton Foundation.
2. Sign an Executive Order doubling or tripling prison sentences for any felony committed during riots or unrest. These are”hate crimes.
3. Bring in the National Guard when circumstances warrant, with or without Democrat Governors’ approval. A brave young police officer has been shot in the head during a Dark Lives Issue protest here in Las Vegas on Monday night.
He’s on life support, in grave illness. He might very well be dwelling healthy, with his family, if National Guard had been on the roads that night, backing up authorities. We can’t afford to wait to behave.
4. Do not stop with the investigation of George Soros and other funders of domestic terrorism. Explore Democrat Governors and members of Congress with ties to Antifa. They are doing the bidding of enemies and domestic terrorists of our country.
5. Intercept those piles of bricks left by Antifa across the USA at demonstration sites, load them on trucks, use our wall to be built by those bricks, and drive them to the border.
It’s time to take aggressive actions. And it’s time to pick on a side. You are either for”Making America Great Again”…or else you are against it. You are an enemy of America, if you’re against it.
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