Way to Go: BLM Idiots Vandalize Statue of a Former Slave Outside Black Church in Indiana

Idiotic Black Lives Matter fans have vandalized a part of a servant fleeing along with her baby daughter.
The faces on the figurines were painted red, similar to what we have seen performed to figurines of generals and Christopher Columbus, and tagged using”BLM.” Paradoxically the statue at the Second Baptist Church that is almost 170-year-old is of former servant Lucy Higgs Nichols, escaping slavery.
The church has been famous for helping slaves who fled throughout the civil war. Higgs Nichols went on to become a nurse in the Union Army.
The church is putting up security cameras to keep your eye on the church and the statues . Almost $ 5,000 has been increased by A GoFundMe effort to help.

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“All community contributions, just people saying,’I need to help,`” Friends of the Town Clock Church Treasurer Jerry Finn explained to WAVE 3 News. “Exactly what it will allow us to do is put cameras set up to track the gardens as well as the church also.”

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