WATCH Former Police Officer Delivers Incredible Response To Black Lives Matter Protesters And Virtue Signaling White People

Brandon Tatum, an African-American Tucson police officer, went viral social media for providing an unbelievable video response to the Black Lives Issue protests and riots which have taken place since the passing of George Floyd in police custody Memorial Day.
“I’ve got a question for you personally protesters on the market,” says Tatum in the beginning of the video.  “I’ve got a question for you SJWs on the market. For all you folks which are currently putting that little box. I have got a query for you. What have you accomplished? What your merit signaling has been achieved? What has been achieved by all your protesting and looting and vandalizing home? What have you achieved?”
Tatum inquired how it makes sense by killing other folks that were Black in riots around America to protest the passing of a guy in 1 city.
“Someone riddle me . How in the world — how on God’s green earth are you currently thinking that the death of a single man, which leads to you destroying the lives of multiple other black folks, several black businesses, destroying the economic achievement of multiple cities all over the nation?”


Tatum then uttered his outrage over the murder of David Dorn, a 77-year-old retired African American police captain who was shot and killed during Black Lives Issue riots this week in St. Louis.
“[A] former police officer, a 77-year-old guy, retired priest of the police department, performed spent 38 years of his life protecting a serving.  [He ] showed up to a call for service since, you understand, once you are a cop, and when you serve people who long, it ai not just a job, it’s on your soul.  [He] shows to protect the pawnshop. Being a fantastic samaritan a great guy a grandfather that is great, a fantastic leader locally. And you show up since you desire a TV. And you just take all movie to y’ and that guy’s life. Nobody leaves assistance. And the guy who did this probably ai not gonna get captured. All won’t actually snitch. What have you accomplished? What have you accomplished? I’m not understanding the logic behind how that people act today in the usa.”
Tatum stated that he’s”sick of black folks being so disingenuous” in their interactions with law enforcement in order to get attention.
“Many black folks do not have unwanted interactions with police officers. There have been 44 million men and women in the USA of America.  9 African-Americans were shot that were unarmed,” claimed Tatum.
The prior cop finished his movie by hammering”virtue signaling” white liberals who shove debunked conspiracy theories such as the racist notion of”white privilege.”
“White folks. I want one to hear me real obviously. You better stop with that B.S. virtue signaling. You saying you have privilege don’t make make me feel any better about just how racist you are. The simple fact that you think in white privilege demonstrates me that you are cognitively dissonant in reality. You are telling folks that are black you have a better life, which you are better than black folks or when you say you have privilege or admitting that your white innocence. That you’re going to go further in life than folks that are black and black people want you to acknowledge and give them that they may have a nice life. You’re not operating with common sense”

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