Wait Continues for COVID-19 Vaccine Shipment, Prompting Continued Closures

Orange County was still waiting to receive a delayed shipment of COVID-19 vaccine Feb. 22, forcing some inoculation hubs to remain closed for at least another day. “We did not get a shipment in over the weekend or today,” Supervisor Doug Chaffee told The Epoch Times Feb. 22. “We don’t know when [it will arrive,] we’re hoping any minute but probably not until tomorrow or the next day.” A winter storm delayed the state’s shipment of the Moderna vaccine last week, pushing back its distribution to regions such as Orange County, and prompting the closure of the county’s Disneyland super point of distribution (POD) site. “Disney is not able to do anything right now without the vaccine,” Chaffee said. “We can’t really take a chance on scheduling people and then having to reschedule or disappoint them and all that [if the vaccine does not arrive soon].” Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett told The Epoch Times that …

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