WA Premier Says Prime Minister Should Watch His Tongue About China

Western Australia (WA) Premier Mark McGowan has said that Prime Minister Scott Morrison should be more careful in speaking about China, following Morrison’s calls for the World Trade Organization (WTO) to mediate global economic coercion. The announcement comes amid burgeoning trade tensions that has seen China impose aggressive trade sanctions on Australian coal, wine, barley, beef, timber, and cotton. Ahead of the G7 meeting, Morrison addressed the need for the WTO to “modernise its rulebook,” advocating for a “free and fair rules-based system for international trade founded on open markets.” “Australia stands ready to engage in dialogue with all countries on shared challenges, including China when they are ready to do so with us,” Morrison said. WA Premier McGowan said he was confused by Morrison’s announcement and defended Beijing as simply acting in its best interest. “I don’t understand why he would be doing that,” McGowan told 6PR. “You know, …

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