Vulgar Chicago Mayor Who Told President Trump to “F-U” Now Wants to Fire Cop Who Flipped Off Protesters

“I will encode what I really need to convey to Donald Trump,” Lightfoot said. “It is two words: It begins with F and it finishes with U.”

TRENDING: Texas Man Threatens Far Left Protesters with Chainsaw – Anti-Police Protesters Call Enjoy Him and the Cops –VIDEO

Fast forward 1 week…
Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants to fire an Chicago police officer who flipped off a protester this week.
Via 100% Fed Up:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lately made a disgusting remark concerning President Trump (see below) during a declaration, and she’d like to fire a Chicago police officer who had been caught on video sending the Exact Same opinion by turning off protesters at Lincoln Park:
“We’ll find that individual also, in my view, that individual has to be immediately stripped of their police powers and start the process for firing them. We will not tolerate that type of vicious, offensive conduct on the part of police officers. Period.”

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The police officer as returning the gesture into the protesters that are anti-police.

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