Visa Stops Processing Credit Card Payments for Ads on Pornhub in Wake of Lawsuit

Visa has suspended payments for ads on Pornhub and parent company MindGeek after a woman accused the credit card company of knowingly helping monetize child pornography.
In a statement on Thursday, Visa CEO Alfred Kelly said TrafficJunky, the advertising arm for MindGeek, will be suspended from the credit card transaction network. During the suspension, Visa card can’t be used to purchase ads on any MindGeek-affiliated websites, including Pornhub.
“Let me be clear: Visa condemns sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and child sexual abuse,” Kelly said. “It is illegal, and Visa does not permit the use of our network for illegal activity. Our rules explicitly and unequivocally prohibit the use of our products to pay for content that depicts nonconsensual sexual behavior or child sexual abuse.”…

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