Violent Leftist Mob in Bristol, UK Topples Statue of Edward Colston, Drags it Through the Streets and Tosses it Into River Avon (VIDEO)

The leftist mob in Bristol on Sunday toppled the statue of slave and philanthropist trader Edward Colston.
They pulled it through the streets and chucked it into the River Avon.
Obviously, they all cheered themselves subsequently.
The modern day abandoned is anti-history along with pro-mob violence.

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Huffington Post reported:
Black Lives since tens of thousands of people marched throughout town in protest against police brutality following the death of George Floyd Issue protesters at Bristol have torn the contentious statue of a slave trader and rolled it into the River Avon.
The memorial to Edward Colston, who left his own fortune in the slave trade in the 1600s, has burst in town because 1895 however in the past few years has been the topic of a number of petitions — the most recent of which has garnered more than 10,000 signatures.
Demonstrators took matter pulling it into the ground — and then tying a rope around the head of this statue — that had formerly been covered in a dark shroud for the parade.
It dumped into Bristol’s harbour exactly at the stage at which the ships of Edward Colston could have left for West Africa and also was then rolled in town center.

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