Vaccine Mandate For Victorian Politicians Passes Lower House of Australian State Parliament

COVID-19 vaccines will soon become mandatory for all staff and members of Parliament in Victoria after a motion passed the lower house with overwhelming support and just one dissenting vote. Victoria’s state government is hoping to impose the vaccine mandate under its emergency powers, which will force all staff and politicians to receive one dose of the vaccine by Oct. 15—or have an appointment for a vaccination booked before Oct. 22—while their second dose must be booked before Nov. 26. MPs not vaccinated will be suspended from entering the grounds of Parliament until the second sitting day of the 2022 parliamentary year. In the meantime, they will need to work remotely. Three MPs are likely to be affected and shut out of Parliament until next year. The motion received support from both major parties, Labor and Liberal, as well as the Nationals, Greens, and Independent MP Suzanna Sheed. The Liberal …

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