US, Iraq Meet for Talks After Pro-Iran Forces Threaten to Cut Off Iraqi PM’s Ear

BAGHDAD—The 2,500 U.S. troops stationed in Iraq since the start of the Biden administration will continue their training and advisory role for Iraqi security forces, U.S. and Iraq delegates said Wednesday, after Iraq called for a third round of strategic U.S.-Iraq talks. According to a joint statement issued by both countries, “the transition of U.S. and other international forces away from combat operations to training, equipping, and assisting the ISF reflects the success of their strategic partnership.” The ongoing partnership “ensures support to the ISF’s continued efforts to ensure ISIS can never again threaten Iraq’s stability,” the statement read. During the talks, both countries stressed the need for continued security cooperation in the region to counter ISIS. “U.S. forces are in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi Government for the sole purpose of supporting Iraqi forces in the campaign against ISIS, and of course, that campaign remains important and it …

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