US Educational Institutions Surrender to the LGBTQI and CRT Invasion

U.S. educational institutions are being hollowed out by their adoption of cultural Marxist ideologies that are alien to traditional American culture. And the communist Chinese couldn’t be happier. After all, destroying the institutions of the United States from within is an easier task for the communists than kinetic war, whose outcome is problematic in the nuclear age.
Chinese leader Xi Jinping has been trumpeting strategic initiatives for over a decade that are aimed at displacing the United States as the world’s only economic and military superpower. His Belt and Road Initiative, the Global Development Initiative, and the Global Security Initiative provide glimpses into Xi’s roadmap to achieve his grand designs. And Marxist fellow travelers in the United States are doing their best to weaken American institutions in service of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The LGBTQI and critical race theory (CRT) movements are hard at work toward these ends….

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