US Chamber of Commerce Urges Doubling Immigration to Ease Labor Crunch, Cool Inflation

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has called for amnesty for some illegal aliens and for twice as many legal immigrants to be let into the United States as a way to ease the labor crunch and help curb surging inflation. Chamber of Commerce CEO Suzanne Clark said in a Jan. 11 keynote address on the state of American business that competition for workers has become an urgent problem for employers. “I talk to CEOs and leaders of businesses of every size, industry, and region every day—and to a person they tell me this: This workforce shortage is a crisis,” she said. “It is contributing to supply chain disruptions and rising inflation. It is undermining business growth.” There are 10.6 million job vacancies in the United States, close to a record high. The so-called quits rate, which reflects worker confidence in being able to find a better job, climbed to 3.0 percent in November, …

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