UPDATE: UGA Investigating Racist Graduate Student Who Wrote “Some White People Have to Die for Black Communities to by Made Whole”

As reported before —
Irami Osei-Frimpong, a University of Georgia graduate student and teaching assistant recently published that some white men and women might have to perish before black communities will be created whole.
Notice: His name is spelled Irami Osei-Frimpong on Twitter.
Osei-Frimpong created the remarks and claims he’s confused about his words are controversial.


WSBTV reported:

He speaks regularly about race and equality, but some critics believe he crossed the line after he left a post online which stated,”Many white men and women might have to die for black communities to be left whole.”
Another social media post said:”Struggling white folks is a power.”
Channel 2’s Tony Thomas the backlash confused him was told by the teaching assistant.
“I’m confused why this is so contentious,” Osei-Frampong stated.
Osei-Frampong appeared on Cox Media Group radio channel morning, hinting he’s not calling for violence, but it must remain an option.

Here is a statement in response to the story you posted earlier today:
The University knows of remarks . These remarks do not reflect our community. Racism has no place on the campus, and we condemn hint or the advocacy of violence in any form. All options have been researched, and investigations have been done and completed by Equal Opportunity Office and the Office of Student Conduct regarding preceding statements. Federal student privacy law prohibits the University from agreeing about any student behaviour case’s particulars.
I would be most appreciative if you could confirm receipt of the email.
Greg Trevor
Executive Director of Media Communications
University of Georgia

UPDATE– The situation has been passed on to the Georgia Attorney General’s office.