UK Minister Scraps Civil Service Diversity Training ‘Riddled With Left-Wing Views’

UK Attorney General Suella Braverman said she has scrapped the diversity training programme in her department, as it is “riddled with left-wing views.”
Writing in the Daily Mail, Braverman compared the “diversity, equality, and inclusion” (DEI) sector to the “witch-finders of the Middle Ages.”
She said she was “horrified” to discover that hundreds of government lawyers spent nearly 2,000 hours of their taxpayer-funded time last year attending lectures given by LGBT charity Stonewall on “micro-incivilities,” different “lived experiences,” and “how to be a straight ally.”
‘Downright Dangerous’
During the training sessions, Braverman said, “government lawyers are told that if a black person says something is offensive, then it is offensive, and they don’t have a right to question it.”…

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