UK Electric Freight Trains Mothballed Due to Soaring Energy Prices

Rail freight operators have stopped using electric trains and switched to diesel locomotives due to soaring energy prices. Firms cannot absorb the three-fold increase in the cost of electricity, according to trade body Rail Freight Group (RFG). The decision to mothball electric freight trains, which result in lower CO2 emissions than diesel models, was made less than three weeks before the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. RFC said in a statement: “The current significant increase in the wholesale cost of electricity for haulage means that some operators have had to take the regrettable decision to temporarily move back to diesel locomotives. “A 200 percent increase in electricity costs for each train cannot be absorbed by the operators, or customers, and so necessary action is being taken to ensure that trains can continue to operate delivering vital goods across the country. “Our members are assuring us that this is a temporary …

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