UK Climate Campaigner Temporarily Suspends Traffic-Blocking Protests

The climate campaign group that staged more than a dozen of sittings on UK motorways and major roads in the past month said they are suspending their protests for 10 days. In an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday, Insulate Britain said it will suspend its campaign until Oct. 25, the week ahead of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference—otherwise known as the COP26—in Glasgow, Scotland. Biff Whipster, a retail worker from Canterbury who attempted to hand the letter into Downing Street on Thursday, said the group wants to “give the government a bit of breathing space so they don’t feel under pressure.” “So we’re saying, we’ve made our point, we’ve made our voices heard, let’s have a 10-day pause and we will continue if there is not a meaningful statement or trustworthy statement from Mr. Johnson about what actions he’s taking,” Whipster told the PA news agency. “Then we …

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