Two US Senate Candidates in Pennsylvania Weigh In on Voting Legislation

President Joe Biden’s push this week for voter rights legislation that he says will address racism and voter suppression elicited very different reviews from two candidates running for U.S. Senate in the Pennsylvania primary. Here is what they said. Sharif Street, Democrat Pennsylvania state Sen. Sharif Street voiced support for the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, which restores parts of the 1965 Civil Rights Act. Street, an attorney, graduated from Morehouse College where Biden gave his speech. He says the Voting Rights Act of 1965 has been systemically weakened by the Supreme Court for more than a decade. “The new Jim Crow is the old Jim Crow. It is about stopping people of color, especially black and brown folks, from casting a vote or having their voices counted,” Street wrote in a statement. “It is the very thing Dr. (Martin Luther) King called out, the doctrines of ‘interposition and nullification’ in …

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