TV Series Review: ‘My Life as a Rolling Stone’: A Long Run in a Band

TV-MA | 5 episodes | Documentary | Aug. 7, 2022
Their first goal was to become the best blues band in London. Then their manager positioned them as the “anti-Beatles.” That worked so well, the Rolling Stones might actually be the only rock band to arguably achieve greater popularity than the Fab Four. Their longevity would be the major reason.
Now in their seventh decade, the Stones are touring once again, but without the rhythmic heart of the band, drummer Charlie Watts. Although he died last August, Watts still gets his solo-spotlight profile in the four-part “My Life as a Rolling Stone,” which premieres on Epix.
Mick Is First
Not surprisingly, the first episode focuses on Mick Jagger, the band’s superstar front-man. Yet, “Sir Mick” is such a familiar figure, his segment is probably the least interesting. There is nothing new about him presented here and he is never pressed on any sensitive issues. Commentators try to position him as the “CEO” of the band, but it comes across more as spin than fresh analysis. At least the first episode establishes a lot of band history for the handful of potential viewers who are not already deeply steeped in it….

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