Tucker Carlson: The Riots Are About The Left’s Hatred Of Trump And Seizing Power (VIDEO)

Have you wondered whether this may be around Trump as you have watched the much left destroy cities?
A great deal of folks have, such as Tucker Carlson.
In reality, he made this subject of the recent monologues of a few.
Here’s a partial transcript, through FOX News:

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Tucker Carlson: The riots aren’t about George Floyd or racial justice. They are yanking power and about Trump
For the last week, all of us have seen our country is engulfed by chaos. The devastation and the violence are so overpowering, so shocking, and awful and colorful that it’s been difficult to think clearly about what is going on.
Most of us have not been able to step to inquire even the obvious questions. The obvious, of course, is what is this really about? What do the mobs want?
Well, thugs looting that the Apple Store can’t answer that query. They have no idea. They need free iPads. However, what about the rest of corporate America, that will be supporting the rioters and Apple itself? What about members of Congress, the press figures, the actors, the titans, all of whom have been cheering on this. What do they really need from it?
They have not said. That’s the mystery that is fundamental.
Now suddenly, it is obvious. It must have been clear. This is all about Donald Trump. Needless to say, it is. We simply couldn’t see it.
For ordinary folks, Donald Trump is the president. You will like him, he may not be liked by you , but in any event, there will be an additional president at some point, as we’ve got, and we’ll proceed.
However, for the enemies of Donald Trump, there’s not anything else. Everything Is All all about Trump. Everything.
Their careers, their spirits, their marriages are defined by donald Trump. Donald Trump affects how they raise their kids. Trump occupies the center of their lives. As long as Donald Trump remains in the White House. They feel powerless and bloated and diminished. So it’s impossible for them to be joyful.

See the movie:
Again, Tucker is proper.
The American people may see this for what it is, regardless of how Democrats and the media attempt to spin it.

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