TSMC Founder: Chip Globalization Is Dead

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) founder Morris Chang declared that the globalization of the chip industry is over, and Taiwan is indispensable in the global chip industry for its unique work ethic.
Speaking of the future of the chip sector, many countries strive to reshore manufacturers back to their territory to ensure supply chain resilience for the sake of national security.
“It’s no doubt globalization is dead; free trade is not completely dead, but it is getting there,” Chang said at a semiconductor forum in Taipei by the Taiwan-based CommonWealth Magazine on March 16.
A Foreseeable Higher Cost
The 91-year old chip giant said he agreed with the U.S. industrial policy to slow down China’s progress in the semiconductor industry with the sanction and entity list, although he also said, “China is at least 5–6 years behind Taiwan in chipmaking technology.”…

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