‘Trump May be Called in to Testify’ – Nadler Announces Investigation Into Firing of Mueller Hack SDNY US Attorney Geoffrey Berman

Jerrold NadlerHouse Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) announced his committee will be Starting an investigation to US Attorney General Bill Barr’s Shooting of SDNY US Attorney Geoffrey Berman.

Barr on Friday nominated for Jay Clayton to replace him and fired Mueller hack and US Attorney Geoffrey Berman.
The jagged lawyer refused to step down and published a statement of their own, and which Barr referred to as a’spectacle.’
Berman’s office has been the lead in a number of high profile cases assembled Andrew Weissmann and by Robert Mueller.

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Nadler accused Barr of’caring little about the legislation’ in a statement on Saturday and claimed that Berman’s shooting”loopholes of corruption and incompetence” since the US Attorney’s office has been engaged in probes aimed at Trump’s inner circle.
Nadler stated that Trump may be called in for testimony.
The entire announcement of nadler:

“Last night, Attorney General Bill Barr advised us that Geoffrey Berman of those SDNY had resigned–which was untrue. Today, Barr told us that the President asked him to fire Mr. Berman–which may also be untrue, given that the President says he had nothing to do with the choice. The whole thing smacks of incompetence and corruption, which is what we have come to expect in the President and his Attorney General.
We know, from revelations this week, that the President desired to own’his people’ in that office to assist him with his private and political needs. And we know that, time and time again, Bill Barr has reached into criminal investigations that are ongoing in order to protect the President. The American individuals will be biased. He definitely cares very little about the law, although barr may sit in their principal law enforcement officer of the United States’ office.
“The House Judiciary Committee will immediately start an investigation into this event, within our wider research to Barr’s unacceptable politicization of the Department of Justice. On Wednesday, the Committee may hear from two whistleblowers that will explain why Barr’s effort to fire Mr. Berman is a portion of a larger, ongoing, and wholly unacceptable pattern of behavior. If the President eliminates Mr. Berman, then we will take additional measures to secure his testimony too.”