Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Wins Arizona’s Republican Gubernatorial Primary; 4 Hurt in Lighting Strike | NTD Good Morning

Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake wins Arizona’s Republican Gubernatorial Primary. The close race was called last night.
Four people are in critical condition after lightning strikes near the White House.
Senator Kyrsten Sinema reaches a deal with fellow Democrats on the Inflation Reduction Act. They need every member of their party in agreement to use a process known as reconciliation and avoid the filibuster.
Topics in this episode include:
1. Lightning Strike Leaves 4 Injured Near White House
2. Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Wins Arizona Gubernatorial Primary
3. Sen. Sinema Reaches Deal to Advance ‘Inflation Reduction’ Bill
4. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Japan
5. China Increasing Intimidation Campaign Over Taiwan
6. White House Condemns China’s Missile Launches Near Taiwan
7. US Athlete Griner Sentenced to 9-Years in Russian Prison
8. Alex Jones Ordered to Pay More Than $4M
9. Four People Found Dead in Nebraska Town
10. US Declares Monkeypox a Public Health Emergency
13. $1.3B Jackpot Winner IAT to Be $430m
14. Canada Blocks Djokovic Over Vaccination Status
15. Organization Helps Those Battling Cancer Feel Beautiful
16. Baby Seal in Japan Learns to Swim…

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