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Trudeau Highlighted Dinners, ‘Great Conversations’ With Johnston in 2010: Report

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a 2010 radio interview described David Johnston as a frequent dinner companion with whom he had “great conversations,” despite both men having downplayed their personal relationship as insignificant in the scope of Johnston’s investigation into foreign interference in his role as special rapporteur.
“We had great conversations around dinner tables around all sorts of things. I always respected him as a man who was very personable, very real and very, very smart,” Trudeau told CBC Radio in an interview, as first reported by Blacklock’s Reporter.
Trudeau appointed Johnston to be the special rapporteur on March 15 following media reports suggesting widespread interference by Beijing in Canada’s elections. Instead of launching a public inquiry, which opposition leaders repeatedly called for, the prime minister said he would heed the recommendations of Johnston….

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