Travel Vaccine Mandate Backed by Limited Data on In-flight Transmission: Court Documents

A Canadian government epidemiologist in charge of reviewing COVID-19 scientific literature testified in court that there is little information available on the impacts of vaccination on in-flight transmission of the virus.
“There are not many studies that look at vaccination status, most of the research that’s been done occurred prior to widespread vaccination,” said Dr. Lisa Waddell of the Emerging Sciences Group at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).
Waddell also said she was not aware whether the Canadian government undertook its own independent study to assess the impacts of vaccination on in-flight transmission.
Waddell testified as a government witness on May 31 in defence of the government’s vaccine mandate in travel. The Liberals suspended the travel mandate (barring international arrivals) on June 20, warning it could be brought back depending on circumstances….

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