Top Wall Street Executives Say Inflation Could Be Worse Than Predicted

Two of Wall Street’s top CEOs have differing views on inflation, but both diverge from the Federal Reserve’s predictions that price increases are transitory and will fade away once the supply shocks and other pressures ease. Larry Fink, chairman and CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager is convinced that inflation is not temporary as he believes deglobalization will lead to “systematically more inflation” in the future. “It is my view that inflation is going to be more systematical,” Fink told CNBC on July 14. “I believe it is a fundamental, foundational change in how we navigate economic policy.” The focus that shifted from globalization to national security during the Trump administration will continue, according to Fink. “Post-World War II our economic policy was based on consumerism,” he said adding that this policy enabled Americans to buy cheaper goods. “In the last five years we’ve navigated away from that foundational belief, and …

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