Top General Confirms Trump Never Issued an ‘Illegal Order’ Following 2020 Election

Donald Trump’s top general, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, confirmed to ABC that as president, Trump never issued any illegal orders despite the left’s drumbeat claim that he was a “dangerous dictator.”

Milley was most certainly a disloyal soldier during Trump’s tenure, granted. Indeed, he was reported as attacking Trump numerous times during the ex-president’s tenure as our commander-in-chief.

In fact, it was reported that Milley conspired to undermine Trump by working secretly with China our biggest enemy. So, his words are not those of a Trump sycophant.

But despite Milley’s anti-Trump demeanor, he had to admit to ABC’s Martha Raddatz that Trump never issued any “illegal orders.”

In her Sunday interview, Raddatz pressed the general on his impressions of what happened during the incursion in the capital on Jan. 6, 2021. And she wondered if democracy is doomed because of it.


Top General Confirms Trump Never Issued an ‘Illegal Order’ Following 2020 Election

“You saw what happened on Jan. 6. Are you nervous about that happening again? Can you honestly say you’re not nervous about that happening again?” Raddatz asked during her Sunday interview.

Milley said it didn’t worry him in the least.

“No, I’m not nervous about it,” Milley replied. “I don’t get nervous about a lot of things. I’ve seen a lot of combat. So I’m beyond that actually.”

While it seems odd that Milley would be bragging about his combat experience — most soldiers who were in front-line positions don’t usually boast that way — Milley does have an extensive record of serving in conflicts, though it appears he was usually in a command position of one sort or another, not as a front line soldier.

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Raddatz pressed the general on whether or not he feared a repeat of Jan. 6.

“I am confident that the United States and the democracy in this country will prevail and the rule of law will prevail,” Milley exclaimed. “These institutions are built to be strong, resilient and to adapt to the times, and I’m 100 percent confident we’ll be fine.”

Milley went on to warn Raddatz that she should not fall into the trap of thinking things today are worse than they ever were.

“There’s a term I’ve talked to people about the ‘conceit of the present,’ where people think that the present is always the worst. Well, it’s not always the worst,” Milley said.

“This is not the toughest time. America will prevail, it will come through stronger on the other end and the American people are gonna be just fine,” Milley said.


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But Raddatz wasn’t done trying to make Trump the villain of Milley’s story.

She asked the general if Trump issued illegal orders after Election Day in an effort to stay in office despite the proclamation that Joe Biden won the election.

“Was there concern?” Raddatz asked to see if Milley would tell her that the military was scrambling to head off Trump’s illegal efforts to stay in office despite the election.

“No, you know, I argued the case at various times for alternative courses of action. Never received an illegal order,” Milley firmly replied.

This is a general who wrote an undelivered resignation letter and privately told people that he felt Trump was doing “great and irreparable harm to my country,” so if he was gunning for Trump, he had the perfect opportunity with this Raddatz interview.

But Milley didn’t take the bait. He confirmed that Trump never issued any “illegal orders” in spite of the claims by the radical, frothing-at-the-mouth leftists who claim that Trump was a “dictator.”

Trump was no dictator. He never jailed opponents, never sent the IRS, the DOJ, or the FBI after opponents, and never issued orders that violated the U.S. Constitution. Would that Joe Biden could say as much.

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