Top Black Lives Matter Activist Questions Where the Millions of Dollars in Donations Are Going? – No One Knows!

Black Lives Matter describes itself on Its Own”” Site as an International organization:

The Wikipedia site clarifies Black Lives Matter as:

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a global human rights movement, originating from inside the African community, that campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black folks. BLM holds protests speaking out against police brutality and police killings of men and women, and broader issues such as racial profiling, and inequality in the United States criminal justice system. [1]

So we all know for certain that BLM is a”global” /”global” network because they acknowledge this.
When you click on the”Donate” button on you are sent to a”ActBlue” contributions page:

You can read the contributions are being made to ActBlue Charities from the fine print.

ActBlue has factors. The Stipulations of the charity arm of the organization cite”Campaign Finance Laws”:
All of their contributions are directly going to high DNC campaigns, when you explore the ActBlue PAC’s expenditures:

Where’s the cash but the question remains.   Then where does it go, if the cash goes to ActBlue Charities?  By way of instance, where are Centers for Black Lives Matter and what’s the address?
In a list of suggestions on how to verify a charitable company: — some of these fundamental questions should have answers that are usually readily available.
What kind of company is”Black Lives Matter”? (Separate, private, etc…) Where’s the headquarters? What is the address & phone number?
Can it be a registered nonprofit in the US (501-c-3)?  Is the company about the IRS site?  the team being donated to now?  This thing last recorded in 2017 having a person by the name of Robert Barnes

Our review Mr. Barnes isn’t listed on the BLM site.  There is very little information on this individual. Where does ActBlue send the gifts ? Are payments made and then funds defaulting back to ActBlue per its terms of service?
Black Lives Matter leader Ashley Yates now posted concerning the Black Lives Issue countless that were .

Where the cash is going, looks like everyone BLM, would love to understand?

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