Toothpaste Ingredient Breeds “Superbugs,” Causes Adverse Health Effects

When you think of your dental hygiene routine in the morning and evening, your mind probably doesn’t think about superbugs.  However, the sad truth is your toothpaste likely contains harmful ingredients that may harm your health by creating superbugs that ultimately put your mouth and your overarching health at risk.
Though few are aware of it, ingredients within toothpaste and even some types of mouth rinse have the potential to generate harmful germs that are resistant to antibiotics.
Common Toothpaste Ingredient Breeds Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Strains
According to researchers, the levels of triclosan in toothpaste and other household products are increasing, making it that much more difficult to combat bacteria.  Triclosan is used in many brands of toothpaste, yet it has been banned from other personal hygiene and home products such as body washes.  The issue with triclosan is that it has the potential to make even a brief stay in a hospital a fatal one….

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