Those illegal migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard now have attorneys representing them against DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent two planes carrying fifty illegal migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard last week. Thirty migrants in the group have free legal assistance now from Lawyers for Civil Rights (LCR), lawyers who provide free legal support for communities of color and immigrants. They criticized DeSantis, calling the flights a “political stunt.”

Liberal hypocrisy was on full display for everyone to see when the illegal migrants landed on the island. The wealthy islanders were jolted out of their privileged bubbles long enough to get photo ops with the illegal migrants, hugging and kissing them with great compassion. Hours later, the Massachusetts National Guard was called out by the state’s Republican governor and the illegal migrants were bussed off to a military facility on Cape Cod. The sanctuary city island only accommodated them for long enough to find somewhere else to send them.

The lawyers allege that the flights organized by Governor DeSantis were deceptive and took he migrants away from Texas under false pretenses. They call for a criminal investigation because he “falsely promised jobs and immigration help.” They allege that DeSantis “induced” them to board those planes. The lawyers want state & federal prosecutors to open criminal investigations.

“It was only when the flight was in midair that they were informed they would be flown to Martha’s Vineyard, rather than to Boston as many had been told,” the lawyers wrote in a letter to Massachusetts law enforcement, according to Axios.

“Once the planes landed, those who had induced our clients to travel under these false pretenses disappeared, leaving our clients to learn that the offers of assistance had all been a ruse to exploit them for political purposes,” the lawyers added.

Charlie Crist, a Democrat who is running against Governor DeSantis, jumped on the bandwagon. He calls for DOJ to investigate.

Crist said the Department of Justice should “absolutely” look into the program.

“This is a humane — an inhumane, rather — injustice that’s being done to human beings,” Crist told CNN. “Is this the way to treat our fellow men and women? Of course not.”

“And, you know, laws may have been broken in the process of this,” Crist added, saying he will file a Freedom of Information Act request to find out “what happened here.”

Humane, inhumane. Potato, potahto. What a weirdo. Let him file a FOIA request. Either way, Crist is not going to be governor of Florida come November.

The lawyers, who are working pro-bono, want U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey to open criminal investigations.

It almost has a whiff of ambulance-chasing, doesn’t it? The LCR Twitter account has a pinned tweet about their work with the illegal migrants from Venezuela. Did I miss the stories of other migrants who have been flown around the country by DHS receiving such support from them?

There is no proof of the claims lodged by LCR but that doesn’t slow down the hyperbole coming from this situation.

This cowardly political stunt has placed our clients in peril. Upon arrival, numerous individuals had to be rushed to the hospital, in need of medical care. Some now have immigration hearings as early as Monday thousands of miles away,’ the lawyers added in a statement.

‘They preyed on the vulnerability of our clients – many of whom had suffered deep trauma in their home countries and on their journeys to the United States – and exploited this vulnerability to win trust through false promises,’ it added.

The migrants were only told that their destination was Martha’s Vineyard rather than the city of Boston when they were already en route.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has said the migrants knew full well where they were going having earlier signed waivers.

Let the hypocritical liberals call what Governors DeSantis, Abbott, and Ducey are doing “political stunts.” They are and they work. That is what is frustrating those in sanctuary cities. Americans see news reports of migrant buses arriving in places like NYC, Washington, D.C., and Chicago and realize that the story of Biden’s border crisis has not received the coverage it deserves. The media is only now doing some stories on it because of the buses. The liberal elected officials of sanctuary cities are crying foul, that their cities can’t possibly handle these migrants, and the people in border states say, “Welcome to the party, pal.” Why should border states take the burden of providing services for almost two million illegal migrants in this fiscal year alone while those openly calling themselves sanctuary cities and states look the other way?

Mayors Adams, Bowser, and Lightfoot should be demanding meetings with Joe Biden and his border czar, Kamala Harris. It’s the job of the federal government to secure the border. We are a nation of laws, at least until Joe Biden became president. Immigration laws on the books now are not enforced, a deliberate action supported by DHS and the Biden administration. The very first action taken by illegal migrants was to enter this country illegally. The majority of asylum claims should be denied, if the laws are upheld, because seeking economic security is not a reason to be granted asylum. Seeking jobs and to establish a home for their families, as most of the migrants tell reporters, is not a reason for asylum. If bleeding heart liberals want major changes to immigration law, they should petition their members of Congress, because that is with whom reforming immigration law falls.

Governor Abbott didn’t have anything to do with the two planes that DeSantis sent to Massachusetts. He has said in recent days, though, that as far as the legality of migrant buses or planes go, he knows the law. He is a former Attorney General of Texas and a former justice on the Texas Supreme Court, too. Bring on the challenges.

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