‘They Choose to Steal Rather Than Innovate’: Experts Sound Alarm on China’s Theft of American IP

U.S. officials have repeatedly stressed that the threat of intellectual property (IP) theft from the communist Chinese regime is one of the most important trade issues facing the country. But at the root of the problem lies a larger issue, one that is rarely broached in public, according to Evan Anderson, CEO of INVNT/IP, a Strategic News Service initiative. “The most undiscussed issue that presents a bigger problem that people pretend doesn’t exist is that—by Chinese law—companies cannot refuse to work for the Chinese Communist Party [CCP],” Anderson told The Epoch Times. It is through these laws that the Chinese regime is effectively able to mobilize the whole of society in its efforts to steal foreign technology and IP, he said. Anderson, whose 2016 briefing book “Theft Nation” was featured on one of the most-watched investigative segments of “60 Minutes,” said that “five years ago, people didn’t quite believe IP …

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