“These Names Have to Go” – Pelosi Calls for Removal of All Confederate Statues — What About Racist Democrats? Woodrew Wilson, Robert Byrd, the Clintons, Harry Truman…?

Democrats were the slave owners from the South that pushed for the Kansas-Nebraska Act that encouraged slavery. They had been the nation leaders who voted to depart from the Union Abraham Lincoln had been elected.
After thousands of Americans lives were lost in the Civil War that the Democrats were the ones who killed Northerners who attempted to assist Black Americans and former allies vote. The Ku Klux Klan which was the Democratic Party’s wing was started by democrats.
In Opelousas, Louisiana, nearly 300 Republicans were massacred by a mob of Democrats on September 28, 1868. The savagery began when Democrats assaulted a newspaper editor, a white Republican and schoolteacher. Many African-Americans hurried to the help of their buddy, and in response, Democrats went on a”Negro hunt,” killing every African American (most of whom were Republicans) in the place they might find.

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Democrats in hoods slaughtered countless Republicans and blacks . They threatened and beat and killed Republicans for status with the black man.
That the Republicans passed groups that were Democratic being outlawed by the anti-Ku Klux Klan Act. However, that the Democrat Party restored the KKK from the 20th Century. Their identities were not hidden by Even the Democrat KKK members behind head pliers therefore to not be comprehended from the people whose land they had been destroying or whose lifestyles they had been taking. Democrat Robert Byrd was a KKK member and he served longer in the Senate than any American . Hillary Clinton praised him upon his death.
The history of the United States is full of violent Democrat racists.
It is the character of the party. 
Now Democrat Nancy Pelosi called for the elimination of Confederate statues from public places.
What about All the Democrats, Nancy?
What about All the racist Democrats?
It the leftist mob begins tearing down statues of racists there will not be any Democrat statues!

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