The World Is Laughing at the CCP’s ‘Stupidity’: Taiwan Official on China’s Threats to Nuke Japan

Recently a video circulating on Chinese social media made headlines for threatening Japan with nuclear war if the country steps in to defend Taiwan against the Chinese regime. The video, reposted by the municipal authority in Baoji City, about 760 miles southwest of Beijing in China, said that Japan should be the exception to China’s “no first use” policy with nuclear weapons. The rule states that Beijing can only use nuclear weapons if another party strikes first. “We will use nuclear bombs first. We will use nuclear bombs continuously,” the video states. “We will do this until Japan declares unconditional surrender for the second time.” The video, which has since been taken down, was posted on Xigua, a Chinese video platform similar to YouTube. Its creator, “Liu Jun Tao Lue” or Six Army Strategy, provides commentary on military affairs, and it has over two million followers. Earlier this month, Japanese Deputy …

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