The US is Beginning to Look Like China

Commentary When I visited China in 2016, I was stunned at the consumerist spectacle. High-end stores such as Versace and Cartier were as common in Shanghai and Beijing as they are on Rodeo Drive. I couldn’t believe I was in a communist country. Maybe that is because I wasn’t. These days, China is more economically fascist than communistic. Some years ago, the Chinese Communist Party opened the door to modest un-Marxist economic freedoms and welcomed large scale Western investment. The country’s economy not only grew exponentially but the CCP gained cultural and political influence here as companies dependent on China’s cheap labor—and growing consumer clout—grew reluctant to offend the regime and risk killing the goose that lays their golden eggs. Why did U.S. policy makers cooperate in transforming once backward China into our most challenging adversary? They hoped that once China prospered, it would grow increasingly liberal. But that never …

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