The Tyranny of Polling: The UK 1 Year After Brexit

Commentary Political editor Toby Helm, in discussing an Opinium survey, reports that one year after the United Kingdom left the European Union, more than “six out of ten voters believe Brexit has either gone badly or worse than they expected.” Interestingly, the poll results also indicate that “7 percent of Remainers think Brexit has gone better than expected.” Overall, Helm informs his readers that “just 14 percent of all voters said Brexit had gone better than expected.” According to a Statista poll, “as of Dec. 2021, 49 percent of people in Great Britain thought that it was wrong to leave the European Union, compared with 38 percent who thought it was the right decision.” During the surveyed period, from the beginning of 2020 to the end of 2021, “the share of people who regret Brexit has been slightly higher than those who support it.” However, this poll also disclosed that …

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